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Administrative Services

Providing locally-based administrative services for communities in Southeast Michigan.

When it comes to your community's administrative management it is essential to have a team that knows the local landscape, contractors, and service providers to deliver the absolute best in community management. We handle all aspects of ensuring your community is run efficiently and with the highest transparency levels while never being more than a phone call away. As local members of Southeast Michigan community, Premier Condominium Management is the clear choice for residents that require dedicated, reliable administrative management services.

Our administration services are designed to save you money and remove all barriers to excellent administration management.

Premier Condominium Management provides a comprehensive list of administration services to our clients. We do it all for our associations, from planning and scheduling meetings to document preparation to record management. Take a look at just some of the community administration services we offer:

Our administrative services

  • Access to Management Team dedicated to the Association and attend meetings, answer questions and provide stability during Board Member transitions.
  • Direct contact with the Association’s attorney regarding all legal issues (e.g., document interpretation, State or Federal law changes) which might impact the Association
  • Plan, prepare, facilitate and attend regular board meetings
  • Plan, prepare, facilitate and attend the annual meeting
  • Prepare and mail co-owner annual meeting notice
  • Distribute annual meeting minutes
  • Maintain and update co-owner roster
  • Maintain rental/lessee list
  • Orient new residents with a welcome package
  • Respond to co-owner questions and requests
  • Maintain permanent and current association community, maintenance, and financial records and files
  • Prepare co-owner violation notifications and provide a report to Board
  • Storage of historical maintenance and financial records and reports (7 years)
  • Prepare board meeting minutes (per contract)
  • Record and type annual meeting minutes (per contract)
  • Publish association newsletter (per contract)
  • Distribute association newsletter (per contract)
  • Prepare rules/regulations co-owner handbook (per contract)
  • Determine Association insurance needs (liability, fidelity, and worker’s compensation)
  • Obtain and verify Worker Compensation Insurance certificates for contractors working on the community
  • Monitor utility usage and report any excess usage
  • Create an annual operational plan
  • Solicit bids for insurance coverage
  • Process and administer insurance claims (per contract)
  • Handle workers compensation report and audit
  • Administer requests for modification
  • Prepare status letters and mortgage questionnaires