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Why Switch

Still wondering if you should switch?

While thinking about your current or potential community management company, if you can not answer "yes" to every single one of the questions below, it is time to think about switching to Premier Condominium Management.


  • Is your community manager responsive when you call?
  • Does your community manager address your concerns promptly?

On-site inspections

  • Does your community manager inspect the community regularly?
  • Do you receive monthly reports with the results of an inspection?


  • Are your work requests and concerns addressed in a professional and timely matter?
  • Do you receive monthly reports listing the status of all work requests?
  • Are your buildings and grounds maintained according to the highest standard possible?
  • Is your community manager concerned about preventing future problems, or are they just fixing problems "for right now?"
  • Does your community manager respond to each request or concern personally?

Cost savings

  • Does your community manager uphold its fiduciary responsibilities?
  • Do your community managers secure competitive quotes and provide a comparative analysis to aid in the decision-making process?
  • Does your community manager monitor repairs and special projects in the community to prevent waste?


  • Does your community manager attend, facilitate, update, and assist with all the Association's meetings (e.g., annual, Board, contractor review) for no additional costs?
  • Is your community manager available to attend evening or weekend meetings?


  • Does your community manager assist with the budget and project prioritization?
  • Does your community manager monitor the Association's funds and provide detailed monthly reports reflecting all activity and compare expenses to the established budget?
  • Does your community manager advise you of financial opportunities?
  • Does your community manager provide you with ways to do more without raising assessments?
  • Does your community manager work with the Association's attorney regarding delinquencies and provide a monthly report detailing each account's status?

All the Associations Premier manages are able to answer an enthusiastic "yes" to all of the questions above because our primary goal is to make the role of a Board member easier.

Premier knows Board members are volunteers, but we also understand and share the passion these "volunteers" have in wanting to maintain a beautiful and safe community for their family and friends. Remember, Premier is here to serve you.

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